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At Cornerstone we realize that a church that does not replicate itself is destined to dissapear in only one generation. For that reason, Bobbie Kight (Children’s Director) puts great effort in seeing that our children have a solid foundation in scripture and what it means to be a Christian. In this day and age of everything being ‘ok’ it takes a solid teaching of what truly is right and wrong to give our next generation a fighting chance to live a life that honors the Lord in word as well as deed.

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Little Ones

Babies to 3 years old

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Kids Zone

Ages 3 to 10 years old

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Student Ministry

Teens (13 y.o. to Seniors) and college students

Men's & Women's Ministries

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The men at Cornerstone are always ready to help in the community in any way they can. They can be quite handy when it comes to building or fixing things. Of course a good meal out and an evening of bowling would not be turned down either.

Meanwhile, the ladies of Cornerstone are also ready to help in anyway necessary which could include making needful things for those overseas or in town as well as creating a coconut cream pie (his most favorite) for the pastor.


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Cornerstone is a very musical church. Music director, Beverly Henrich, provides a yearly program of traditional hymns for sunday service enjoyment as well as special music and a choir performance several times each year. Everyone is encouraged to be a part.

Our praise and worship leader Rick France leads the cornerstone band in a weekly performance of modern music from the pens of contemporary writers. Besides the band, Rick leads worship accompained by well rehearsed singers. here is something for everyone.


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We consider Cornerstone to be an ‘Acts 1:8’ church fullfilling the mandate given to all churches in scripture – "and you shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”

Our missions director, Joy Potter, works hard to move the congregation through mission opportunities that effect ministries all around the globe. To that end, Cornerstone yearly participates with two ministries that are we known for their effectiveness as well as their integrity. There is Lottie Moon ministry to China and Annie Armstrong ministry to the Appalacian area of the United States. Add to these missionary outreach to Africa and other places and you have a full plate of mission work.